Being constructive has a darker side

Construction always accompanies destruction of something. They are like two sides of a coin. One would dominate the other based on our perception of things and our needs, it would be either constructive or destructive.

Recently a friend of mine updated her status on one of the social media website which read “One should always work for construction, not for destruction!”. Reading this line made me think more about this topic which has always been pondering in my crazy mind. After some debate, she further went on to make a point that “When one starts constructing, should always remember that it won’t cause destruction which is menacing for human survival”. But in reality every move we make as humans is threatening the human survival in some way. Our actions are not always threat to me or you but certainly to the future generations.

As humans we have grown so selfish that we see only direct threat to us “Humans” as destruction but not to other living beings or inanimate objects. We miss to understand that, threat to other things caused by us is also destruction and at times these actions can come back to haunt us humans too.

How can there be any construction without destruction. These two terms are relative and personal. If I need to take a literal example, A building being constructed, destroys several other things like plants, trees, habitat of several birds, animals, insects and much more. Person  for whom the building is important sees the process of creating this building to be a constructive process but on the other side for a bird, so called construction  of this particular building results in the destruction of its nest and might be lives of its off-springs too.

One might say, this to be a lame example as everything constructive doesn’t result in destruction. If we analyse and observe, everything so called construction or constructive thinking of humans has resulted in several forms of destruction. In certain cases, a constructive thing for us today might later be seen by us humans only as being destructive and might result in our own destruction. The affects of those destruction are some times felt and realised very late, can be even after decades.

For example, Industrialisation has always been seen as a constructive process which has made humans to prosper and live a better life. If we see today’s climate we will realise that the acts of so called construction has resulted in the destruction of not just our own habitat but also our future existence.

Acts of so called construction has resulted in the destruction of our own habitat.


We humans are our own enemies. Destroying our own kind, our pristine environment and habitat just to satisfy our ego in the name of construction and being constructive thinkers.

The spark was started several centuries ago when we started living in communities to survive and grow. It has now turned into a fire, which cannot be put off with any amount of water available on this planet. The habitat in which we are living is going to get destroyed because of our so called constructive thinking. The two things which we can do is to either watch and burn along with it to ashes soon or delay our extinction and prolong the life of our habitat by changing our thoughts of being “Constructive”.

we can either watch and burn along with our “Constructive” thoughts to ashes soon or delay our extinction and prolong the life of our habitat by changing our thoughts of being “Constructive”

We celebrate earth day and claim to “Save the earth”, the fact is earth/nature knows to save itself which we haven’t realised yet. Earth has started fighting back to bring back the balance which has been destroyed by us. Only thing we can do is increase the duration of our stay on this planet by preserving our environment or use our so called constructive technology and thought to survive in the harsh conditions which will be throw at us in the coming decades and to explore new planets to inhabit and survive.

Even when I am typing this article in the name of being constructive, every time my fingers hits the keys on the keyboard, it has several destructive actions associated with it which would be felt by us humans sooner or later. In this post, I have just skimmed on the surface of this topic of “being constructive” so  not going in depth of how anyone typing on the keyboard can be destructive for the world we live in.

These are the physical destructions which I have been talking about till now. Apart from these there are other forms of destruction which we can’t see but feel when personally faced. Like destruction of thoughts and feeling which are psychological and emotional destruction. Even these would have adverse effects on the environment in which we live. I will save this too for some future post.

In the same conversation another friend of mine pointed out, destruction and construction are like brothers who cannot live without each other. I completely agree with him, they are inseparable. Construction for one always comes with destruction for someone else.

Being constructive in today’s world would actually means simultaneous destruction with the aim of creating brighter future only for our or few future generations.

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