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One can order a copy of this from the below link to checkout designs and other creative works from other designers. This issue explores one of the widely discussed product design and automobile design which is very close to our heart. CG spoke to few leading names to find out the future of product design and understand the Indian designers sensibilities and practices. Everyone believe that it’s not just functionality but the visual appeal of the product are as crucial in the success of any product. This issue is a bundle of inspirations and and insights from the well know product and automobile designers. A must read which you will enjoy for sure…

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About Me

A thinker and a resilient designer with passion for creating new experiences. Always looking forward to design and improvise products & services which can make a difference to the way we and our future generation live. Believes that good design is all about satisfying perception and the psychological needs. “What is good today might be bad tomorrow and what is bad today might be good tomorrow”.

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