Harsha Kogod’s interview and concepts gets featured on Russian Channel Ren-TV

Harsha Kogod was interviewed in Mumbai, India by journalists from Moscow. The same was aired in one of the prime time programs on REN TV in Russia.

In this he discusses about the award winning and appreciated PMV concept In-Rapido, highlighting its features, the scope of improvement, flaws in the concepts which can be rectified in the actual vehicle during the engineering phase if the vehicle is made.

When asked about the far fetched future of transportation, it is mentioned that if the global warming keeps increasing at this rate resulting in meltdown of ice and with increasing population, at some point we would need to move into waters. Build structures in water for living. Then there will be need for amphibious vehicles.

Food for thought: Design and use vehicles which eliminate harm to our current environment or start designing vehicles which help the existence of humans in the challenging environments of coming harsh futures.

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