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Datsun – Phoenix reborn in India unveils the concept redi-Go

Datsan is a brand which is reborn from ashes under the ownership of Nissan. After selling 20 million cars in 190 countries around the world, the Datsun brand was phased out, and the Nissan name was used as the company expanded globally in 1981. Now Nissan has given rebirth to the brand name “Datsun”, which is return of the Phoenix. On July 15 2013, the new Datsun was revealed in India with their 1st car Datsun GO, a hatchback. Datsun

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Auto Expo 2014 – The Motor Show, Delhi India

This year’s Auto Expo 2014 – The Motor Show, can be termed as the best in the history of Auto Expo’s on Indian Soil with better organization by the organizers and an array of concept vehicles being unveiled by the OEMs. SIAM and CII made the right decision by organizing the Motor Show and the component expo at different places. Only draw back was that the location of the Motor Show was very far from the center of the city.

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Design in India: Perception of Design by the Indian mass

It has been 53 years since the 1st design school, National Institute of Design (NID) was setup in Ahmedabad, India by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India based on Charles and Ray Eames’s “The India Report“. One among the several aims for setting up this institute was to promote design in India and to create awareness and show the importance of design to Indians. But still the awareness/exposure to the field of Design and Design Education is

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Harsha Kogod’s interview and concepts gets featured on Russian Channel Ren-TV

Harsha Kogod was interviewed in Mumbai, India by journalists from Moscow. The same was aired in one of the prime time programs on REN TV in Russia. In this he discusses about the award winning and appreciated PMV concept In-Rapido, highlighting its features, the scope of improvement, flaws in the concepts which can be rectified in the actual vehicle during the engineering phase if the vehicle is made. When asked about the far fetched future of transportation, it is mentioned

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In-Rapido gets featured on Russia-2 Channel

PMV (Personal Mobility Vehicle) concept In-rapido, a futuristic vision of personal transport which has got featured on several online transportation websites and has been appreciated gets featured on Russia 2 channel for its unique form and functionality. This concept was awarded a special jury award in Automotive Design Challenge earlier in February.

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